Introduction Amateur radio VKV PA – January 2023

VKV PA – January 2023

Pracovisko v aute s notebookom, XM8500 mikrofónom a Kenwood TS-2000
Workplace in the car with a laptop, XM8500 microphone and Kenwood TS-2000

How to calculate the sensible temperature? For a radio amateur, apparently in a binary way: I can stand it / I can't stand it. This is exactly what the January VKV PA looked like near the village of Brestovec.

HINT: airplane scatter to get multipliers

In December, we are with Peć OM8WG serving the station OM3KSI successfully made the connection by bouncing the signal from the aircraft. This time too the connection was successful and also with Slav OM0AS. Airplane scatter is thus a way to get otherwise unattainable multipliers.

Meteorological warning 1. degree

When to choose to broadcast to the hill? Radio amateurs are famous for it, that antennas are best built in the rain, wind (and darkness). Meteorologists characterize it as follows: "the expected intensity and occurrence of the dangerous phenomenon are common in the given time of year and area, but they can cause minor damage. This phenomenon represents a potential danger for human activities."

DK7ZB yagi antenna in strong wind
DK7ZB yagi antenna in strong wind

Let's do this!

January VKV PA

It is not visible from a distance, that the propeller on the wind turbine on Ostrom vrch, which is located nearby, she was spinning. But it's blowing, and properly so! The temperature dropped from +5°C to +2°C along the way. Complete joy of building antennas! I only have half of it assembled and I can't feel my fingers anymore. Show, turning on at least a small heater in the car and getting out of the wind drives me to finish it.

I start on time. Although it is far from comfortable, but how could I expect anything else? After a trial connection with 9A2AE i do most of the connections on call.

The first attempt at airplane scatter with OM3KSI it doesn't come out. Other stations are also calling. Among them is Janko OM8OM from KN09. I know, how difficult it is for Peć OM8WG to fight for every QSO, so we persevere and shortly after ten the connection goes well!

Antennas in VHF PA
Antennas in VHF PA

After an hour, a gentle clink-clink is added to the sounds from the transceiver. Apparently to celebrate those KN squares. Ice crystals fall on the car. Raindrops are also increasing. Although I don't want to get out of the car, but i see, that the mast began to tilt. When exiting, I pull the cable and the connector from the foot switch falls apart.

After tightening the anchors, I notice, that the station gives low power. I climb one more time, because the PSV meter is in the trunk. Meriam PSV - it's excellent. Two test QSOs confirm, that it is not good. What now? I try to search and by some miracle it works and the performance is back. However, it is early in the diary 20 minutes without a connection. In this hour only added 19 contacts.

DXCC in January VKV PA
DXCC in January VKV PA

Since I had to switch to a handheld mic, so I don't have free hands. They serve the station, they record connections or shoot the rotator. There is not much room for sked bargaining. Slavo writes shortly before the end OM0AS – we'll try? We tried about 3 times before and without result. Slavo reported only a weaker reflection. But this time it worked!

Even the longest connection was successful, YT5W and OK1KMP from JO70. The logo is 89 connection from 22 locator squares. Given the conditions, the result surprises me.

Directional map of point contribution in VKV PA
Directional map of point contribution in VKV PA

Rent. The most disgusting cold rain and wind to boot. Well, there is no avoiding it. I kind of expected that, I have a spare windbreaker, cap, glove, socks and shoes. And thermal underwear plus solid ski pants.

I lower the mast quite easily. But I wind the mooring lines just to be. The cable to the rotator is not. It wanders into the trunk untangled. Finally packed! The gloves are completely wet. The socks are surprisingly dry. So let's go home. Into the heat. Bro!

Again, I failed to document airplane scatter connections. It is difficult in such conditions. Hopefully, it will be successful with another QSO.