Introduction Amateur radio VHF Operating Assets - September 2021

VHF Operating Assets - September 2021

VKV prevádzkový aktív z Vlčieho vrchu s YU7EF yagi
VHF operating assets from Vlčí vrch with YU7EF yagi

How not to take advantage of excellent conditions? Autumn knocks on the door and another round of VHF Operational Assets brings cold weather to Vlčí vrch, JN88xx. But without rain, with temperature 9 to 11 ° C and autumn wind.

The series of technical problems continues. After connecting the setup it seemed, that the band is quieter than usual. Unfortunately, the R2CW transceiver does not have the ability to tune in the beacon segment, so verification of income is problematic. The first connection to SN9W was successful, but there were no signals on the band. I kept looking and gradually replaced the connecting coaxial cables. Of course, such a laboratory does not add connection or comfort. Identified, that the attenuation of the reception occurs in the power amplifier.

I replaced the station with a TR-751E and the band came to life once again. However, in the first hour I only managed 12 link. However, the loss of time can no longer be made up in the contest. I do not know why, but it is like that. Dissemination conditions seemed above average, I have heard quite a few stations and sometimes more demanding connections than with YO5LD passed immediately. Immediately after Daniel YO5LD called as well YU7ACO. thanks!

The second hour was better. The logo also includes a connection to Germany (JN59) a do KN08. I usually fail to connect to the east of Slovakia, but thanks to the assistance of OM3CQF, which allowed the connection and others managed to log in OM8DD. I have heard several times as well OM0AB, but did not respond to the call.

map links
map links

Overall, it was successful 54 concentration and 17 násobičov. Several nice connections to the Czech Republic were pleased. However, I did not hear a single station from Slovenia.

JN59, JN69, JN76, JN79, JN85, JN86, JN88, JN89, JN95, JN98 JN99, JO60, JO70, JO80, JO90, KN05, KN08
JN59, JN69, JN76, JN79, JN85, JN86, JN88, JN89, JN95, JN98 JN99, JO60, JO70, JO80, JO90, KN05, KN08

The weather will probably be cold in a month íme we'll see, if I can get OM0AAO on the air.