Introduction OM0A Special QSL cards OK-OM DX Contest 2010

Special QSL cards OK-OM DX Contest 2010

Sample QSL OM0A OK-OM DX Contest 2010

In 2010 the brand OM0A appeared in OK-OM DX Contest. Operators were HA6NL, HA6PS, HA7JJS, HA7PL, OM7PY and help ensure OM0AAO.

Making use of the possibilities GlobalQSL we decided to answer incoming tickets special QSL cards. The photo is 2el. ECO beam na 40m a 20m, One of the antennas used in this Contes. On the back of a group photo operators. We, that our ticket you will enjoy. Thank you for connection!

List of stations ,which we are sending QSL cards plus SWL OK2-15823. CW operators have done a good job, the logo is not found only one request to confirm the connection, DL9UBF.