Introduction OM0A Štvrťvlnný verticals to 7MHz

Štvrťvlnný verticals to 7MHz

Grounplane anténa na 7MHz
Grounplane antenna for 7MHz

Štvrťvlnný vertikál, otherwise known as the groundplane, is very effective antenna, but very simple. The team MW5W, or. MW9W We tried both versions - pick-up and ground radials. Large differences, we did not.

The team OM0A I made štvrťvlnný verticals with eight natural radial. Such a number of radial benefits for direct adaptation to the coaxial cable 50ohm. Žiarič is about. 9,8m long wire with a diameter of 2 mm. Less than the length 1/4 There is a mistake, skracovacím is due to the wire with the insulation factor. Radials have a length of 10 m and an older LAN cable. Wires are connected instrument system terminals and connectors into a watertight box with PL-connector.

Bearing support for the vertical emitter consists of fiberglass telescope OK5IM. This, together with the box affixed to the telescope insulating tape. It is used only thicker without the outer parts. Kotvenie is tenučných climbing laniek, which have excellent properties.