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UBA Contest členov OM0A

Yaesu FT-1000mp
Yaesu FT-1000mp

UBA Contest participated in almost all members of the team WPX OM0A. Top scores declares Viliam OM0AAO, for which 9 hours did 157QSO and nearly 32-thousand points in the category SOSB 80 m HIGH. Zameranie that násobiče in vyplatilo.

Števo OM7KW I zalogoval LOW 171QSO SOSB 80m, O 1500 points less. Due to less power, not most ideal timetable and problems with the PC is an excellent result.

Race was also attended by Peter and Igor OM6PR OM6ACI. In addition, I also received a report from Martina OM4AAS, who only listened to.

Comments OM0AAO: major problem is the lack of, or. no information stations on racing conditions. Many stations was followed by coupling of 3775kHz which is against the rules. Hamspirit also got a black eye – kooexistencia contestujúcich and necontestujúcich stations was below the… Damage.