Introduction OM0A Contest Team WPX Contest!

WPX Contest!

Lifting yagi for 15 meters
Yagi na 20m pod Lomnickým štítom
Yagi at 20 m below Lomnicky Peak

"The small stars form a constellation", motto is strong competition for each team, CQ WPX Contest in the category of Multi-2 not excluding. Amateur radio contest are unusual sports disciplines - the contestants have never in my life do not meet, success unclear viewers. Nevertheless, in themselves are somewhat, which encourages radio amateurs to compete anywhere in the world.

Is no exception contestový team OM0A. Building the antenna in the snow, winter or the wind, and then focused to listen to signals from different ends of the world in the interference is difficult. Not everyone's Otter. OM0A withstand, indeed done an excellent result.

The first operational antenna was inverted in the 80 meters. Viliam he installed and tuned itself in less than two hours on Thursday mornings, Whereas previously it was over a tree limb already stretched wire as a primitive pulley. The first measurements showed, the antenna resonates at 3,44MHz. Meant to run antenna, shorten and pull up again. The subsequent measurement of the antenna resonance analyzer showed the 3,76MHz PSF clip 1,05.

Zdvíhanie yagi na 15m
Lifting yagi for 15 meters

After the arrival of Igor Peťo together we built štvrťvlnný vertical 40M. And that it was necessary to fine-tune. By car and on foot we have moved additional material from William and began building 160m inv.L. Measurement analyzer pointed to a mistake. After replacing the coaxial cable failure has occurred analyzer. Since the antenna has been tested and PSV were satisfactory, We accepted this condition. Failure analyzer looking Viliam later, but somehow could not find, where lies the problem.

The evening began to draw up offices in two rooms. While the involvement of VF part was easy, ensuring communication IC-756PROIII computer was a big problem. later in the evening, they came with Steve Martin, we exchanged a few laptops and hammer out the state of, the network between sites is functional, we have internet (DX cluster) and computers communicate with transceivers.

Pracovisko č.1 - 80m, 20m, 10m
Department No. 1 – 80m, 20m, 10m

Friday morning got warmer, but rozfúkalo. helping hand (and two) Miso has provided so we had a few hours Both yagi on masts firmly anchored. He Števo cleverly built vertical 10m, which meant, that each band is at least one antenna. Gems was seventh antenna – beverage na 80m. Tatra vývratisko marsh and are not simply a place to realize such an antenna. At sunset but was pulled beverage and remained attach cables. Thanks to the support of sponsors GM Electronic Slovakia and High Tatra We have enough material for cables and antennas. thanks!

It seemed, that everything works, when an hour before midnight testified service small transistor PA. William scampered home for forty minutes and swapped output relay, PA but still did not work. Race that began with Steve Martin and William are still invaded PA.

N1MM occasionally on the laptop strike the weekend, But most failures were only short. What is the cause of obscurity. A computer with a serial port to function flawlessly, no other, a virtual serial port (USB converter - COM) a little worried.

We alternated after two hours, while we tried to exploit the advantages that the operator. For example, Mishka (YL) Morning aired 80m. Gentlemen are certainly did not deny, and broadcast it better than male counterparts, HI.

Listened exclusively on headphones. We used the futuristic operating from Ganymede and also some other.

Miška OM4AQW
Miška OM4AQW

At that time we "slept" on 20m transition zone. The challenge is not much to do impossible, but finding brought a number of multipliers. Apparently there is also need for more power. Periodically, we also tried to connect to 15 m, But with a few exceptions it was difficult. Some signals were strong QSB - dauncy signal for a second and then strengthened again weakened.

Pleasing was twenty, which was opened up to the evening hours. The team came to visit and few guests - OM8LA, OM0AAB, Philip and Baska. The event was of interest to the media. The mention of amateur radio activity has come to radio Express, ČTK, SITA, High Tatras and the Tatra biweekly newspaper. Excellent idea has been with the club t-shirts, who promptly implemented company

Long night shift was waiting for William, although it still did not know. But it was an opportunity to properly test and beverage (as it turned out later,) - Watch hockey on TV. Beverage Pacoval famously, US station signals are perfectly legible. Really paid off effort devoted to this antenna.

In the morning we are not repeated Saturday's error and thus managed to gain 20 meters more multipliers. Daily operation - it was mostly 40 m, wherein the searched patiently particular station Peto.

Excellent goulash was Mrs. Majerská. Usually preserves and biscuits this time after the race increased, HI.

The evening was leaving group Partizánčanov earlier due to work duties and thus the end of the race the care of the remaining foursome. Pile-up at 80 meters per hour brought more than steve 60 connection and so the last hour has become a struggle for exceeding the two-million border points. It has managed about 30 minutes before the end. final result: 1476 QSOs and 2.064.517 points.

Zľava: Martin OM4AAS, Števo OM7KW, Miška OM4AQW, Viliam OM0AAO, Peťo OM6PR a Igor OM6ACI
Discount: Martin OM4AAS, Števo OM7KW, Miška OM4AQW, Viliam OM0AAO, Peter and Igor OM6PR OM6ACI

Immediately after the WPX all went to sleep, because in the morning we had to quickly dismantle all antennas and go home and work. The rain – nedážď, We removed the antenna and workplaces.

Perhaps it is the result of lower than we anticipated, maybe we had technical problems. But any honest work on the result, while we had fun of it. time, when "small stars form a constellation" Although not yet come, but certainly flickered and once we shine like comets, HI. And even the real people makes you happy. TNX for WPX!