Introduction Amateur radio YU7EF yagi EF0206 na 144MHz

YU7EF yagi EF0206 na 144MHz

Detail žiariča YU7EF yagi na 144MHz
Detail emitter YU7EF yagi for 144MHz

Why YU7EF yagi?

  • power supply 50 ohms without loss-adaptive circuits
  • širkopásmovosť and the same time tolerance of inaccuracies in the manufacture of, or. sensitivity to the surrounding environment
  • satisfactory mechanical dimensions
  • declared profit 11,96 dBi a F/B pomer 26,6 dB for a length of the support-boom in 244 cm

Currently, for radio amateurs a choice between different solutions yagi antennas. The most popular include DK7ZB, G0KSC or DG7YBN yagi. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • DK7ZB yagi usually have a matching circuit 28/50 ohm, thereby structurally complex
  • G0KSC yagi are characterized by complicated radiator, which for small yagi antenna unnecessarily complicates production
  • DG7YBN yagi They have a modern concept in the form of a curved radiator, that in this way transforms power 50 Ohm

YU7EF yagi is structurally the simplest. Due to the fact, that the antenna is easy to transport and the stand-in portablových conditions, I chose to get familiar with this type of antenna 6-element version, EF0206 yagi.

The entire antenna was up to the radiator box made from residues of other antennas. supporting boom 20 x 20 mm j in two parts. The center box is plastic, type Z54. N connector. Interconnection between the connector and the radiator is small coaxial cable.

Symmetrization not solved, to supply coaxial cable 50 Ohm will be snapping some ferrites, which should take care to eliminate reverse flows.

The elements are attached to the supporting boom and the plastic hanger acts via a boom. The antenna is easy and I, it will also work perfectly.

YU7EF yagi na 144MHz
YU7EF yagi na 144MHz
Production YU7EF yagi for 144MHz
Production YU7EF yagi for 144MHz