Introduction OM0A OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2014

OM VHF LOW POWER Contest 2014

QTH OM0A on the front Solisko

After a few years I pulled up the hill with FM, and at 2093 meters high in front Solisko locator KN09ad. The aim was OM VHF LOW POWER Contest. This allowed for easy setup, which, however, it gathered a ca.. 18kg. The one-man category, it is a decent vynášku. Upon 1,5 hours, about an hour before state maps stop at the top. To the west is dominated by a nice Krivan, on the south ridge of Low Tatras and the east of the High Tatras.

Setup consists of the wonderful old FT-290, and the input MUTEKI 5el.DK7ZB. Unusually the hill got a desktop microphone. you say – this guy is crazy, pull up the hill such junk – but original hand microphone not find the. And logs will be on paper.

weather wishes, contest begins, but the station is only scantily. However, positive reports are good and easy to invoke. At the cross on the front Solisko is forming good scenery Spectator. Many of you are doing photo – apparently such a thing never seen before. Sometimes even someone stops, popočúva, It asks is what it is. That's great, be able to show people how to make connections with other radio amateurs, which is hundreds of kilometers away. Fascinated by them and the NATO phonetic alphabet: “oskar mexico zero alfa” – It is permitted to Mexico??

QTH OM0A na Prednom Solisko
QTH OM0A on the front Solisko

Last QSO with serial number 50 Login with 10.30UTC, the radio starts to crack statics. clear signal, that storm comes. Surrounding tourists wonder – the storm? From a clear sky? I do not care for them, packing up and before he is all pobalené, echoes the remote thunder. Down the hill is a sprint, hi.

Thus seems map links: . average is 272km/QSO, What is the low power transmitter very good. Damage, that could not be more QSO west to OK. In summary, it is 13585 points. And I look forward to another VHF contest!