Introduction OM0A OM0A CQ WPX 2012 story

OM0A CQ WPX 2012 story

Elecraft line
Multi-single panvica s malým výkonom
Multi-single pan with low power

What was the reason, that OM0A participated WPX contest in the category Multi-single? And how we cope with it?

SKRS idea in my head when Oliver, VK8DX (MW0JRX, OM0ARX) given to know, the end of March will be in Slovakia. Oliver is an experienced contestman, which additionally on through much of the world and recently it was part of a pile-up madness 4W6A. So we put our heads together and came up, we participate in the category MS.

Conducted in parallel preparing a new team OM4C, where anchored several operators, who used to go to the Tatras. Rado OM0AMR however he expressed the wish to join in OM0A, what we were welcome.

Out of laziness, of which other, I propose to use the existing remote station with the, provided that it is directly join the LAN cable from the client computer, thus actually not remote. Oliver offered his Elecraft equipment, transceiver K3, panadaptér P3 and the output stage KPA500.

Elecraft line
Elecraft line

Tatras are cruel, and a few weeks to wind damage Contest moxon tribander, normally I used. Moreover, winter was solid everywhere and lay large amounts of snow, What did not hope to repair. Rado has selflessly offered, to complete the unfinished spiderbeam 20 m - 15 m - 10m. We welcome this opportunity, Whereas the reference antenna we had good.

However, as winter came, so she went along with a bunch of known I managed moxon the week before WPX Contest repair. In addition, I stretched proven beverage.

Thursday, first came Oliver's equipment, and for them and their owner. After welcoming We have put together scaffolding and other mast. In the evening we picked the Council, who was carrying a lot of material. After connecting workstations surprised us, however, a problem with K3. Panadaptér hide signals. Since responded panadaptér, we estimate, the fault is in transceiver. After dismantling, we found a problem and fixed, But it was not the right one. Oliver called Elecraft support, which gave us a great tip and a few minutes later everything worked. Rado meanwhile preparing spiderbeam.

Príprava spiderbeamu
Preparation spiderbeamu

Friday morning we put together spiderbeam. Whereas he has prepared a number of well, It was not difficult. We tried analyzer tune, no antenna was tuned too low. After shortening the necessary elements to be tip-top. We put the antenna rotator, and lifted up. And three people it was relatively easy.

The weather was pleasant, almost netatranský March. We bought sausages, opiekli over the fire and ruthlessly eaten. Then now only waiting for the start of the race and rested.

Contest was starting Oliver 80m, which he produced decent pile-up. We alternated in 4-hourly intervals, second station we had operated mainly during the day. Ignorant multi-single took us a while, while we coordinated operation of both stations. team, However, we were in one room, the second operator workplace raised his hand and the main operator had given nod assent and waited. It worked well and Convention through N1MM. To fit into the approved realignment, He crystallized the system, the second department had found several stations and those in a few minutes made simultaneously in a single realignment.

Druhé pracovisko
other workplace

It worked well, Only once has "busted" on one band with Oliver Rado. The first thousand links were easily, then it began to be felt, we have little power (200 up to 500W by the band and the workplace). Produce pile-up on the challenge was difficult, most connections were so search&pounce. QSO was pleased with known, Tim M0URX, and later Chris, G1VDP. TNX!

Sunday's night we will devote more attention to 40 m. Six-point connections are a non-negligible contribution to the overall result, so we toiled to them. It is noteworthy, as well as to inflate band unauthorized frequency range. EU to find stations over 7200kHz not unusual. What these people do not have the authorization conditions?

Sunday's propagation conditions on the higher bands were definitely better than the Saturday. 10m we used mostly as Multipliers workplace, but at 15 m and 20 m fared the necessary connections to North America. From there it's over Tatras preťažké.

Počas contestu
during the contest

Finally contest pushed back Oliver, which was replaced by Council. At the end shining on the screen 2043QSO and nearly 3,5 million points.

The evening is properly rozfúkalo, which slightly damaged spiderbeam (retract one of your arms, thereby design released). On Monday, While a cooler, but still pleasant weather, we packed up the antenna and beverage, and soon broke up home. This ended our multi-single attempt.

Thanks go to all, who picked up our signal and call. It has been our pleasure to work with amateurs from around the world. GL!

More photos can be seen in photo gallery.