Introduction OM0A CQ WW SSB Contest 2014

CQ WW SSB Contest 2014

Displej Yaesu FT-1000MP

When we are looking for unusualness CQ WW us with Oliver OM0ARX (MW0JRX) discovered fact, that most operators repeatedly driven the same category. Attracts us to discover and try something new. What we therefore devised?

Two operators are not at the world contest nekonukurencieschopným team. We therefore seek alternative, if we could both zavysielať. The solution is two single-band category. Remained, however, resolve the question – which ones? We put our heads together and resulted in OM0A (op.OM0AAO) SOSB 80m LP Ass. a OM0ARX SOSB 40m LP Ass.

It is known, the CQ WW Contest can create your own propagation conditions. Just before the race took place on the Sun for massive eruption, which resulted in excellent conditions for the spread of 10m (all, who were there in the Contest is definitely confirmed), but the 80 m zone was marked fluctuations and blackouts….

It's a strange feeling – the frequency to hear the station to make a connection to the station, which would normally not be a problem to find – but hear it! Paradox empty zone: trištvrtehodinová cord CQ on 3799kHz…. Most represented ground: 65x DL, 50x SP, 40x OK. From OM is sounded 8 stations. Although these connection points is zero, But friends hear the band is always, always nice…

During the race, I spent and work responsibilities, which led to fatigue in the second night. Without a few breaks, it just was not.

OM0A CQ WW SSB 2014 QSO rate 80m
OM0A CQ WW SSB 2014 QSO rate 80m

Finally, the race has proved a more beautiful face 80 m – better rate, feeling better. The logo is 531QSO (6 dupes), 54 countries 9 Zones. Multipliers are precious few.